Point PassPoint Pass revolutionizes your Holiday Convenience Store visit experience. We've taken the idea of a customer loyalty rewards program to a level never seen before in the Southeast Virginia and Northeast North Carolina area. Now every purchase you make at Holiday Food Stores earns points towards free items, coupons, and credit simply by using Point Pass in the store or at the gas pump. Your points status can be instantly reviewed and/or redeemed at your convenience. No other program is as simple and as powerful as Point Pass.

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POINT PASS Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Point Pass work?

A: Smart technology in one little package. It fits right on your key chain. Point Pass uses the internet and sophisticated software to make your life easier. Click here for a quick demonstration.

Q: Why should I use Point Pass?

A: If you frequently visit Holiday Food Store locations, why not take advantage of great rewards and prizes just for being a loyal customer!

Point PassQ: How much do I have to pay to be a Point Pass member?

A: It's FREE - so there's nothing to lose.

Q: How do I use my Point Pass at the pump?

A: It's really simple. Just wave your Point Pass over the clearly marked area on the pump 15 seconds before, during, or after you've finished fueling up. Your Point Pass transaction will be verified when you hear the voice message thanking you for being our customer and informing you of your points and rewards status.

Q: How do I use my Point Pass in the store?

A: When you're making a purchase at the cashier, the area labeled "points" on the Point Pass scanner will light up. This is your signal to wave your Point Pass over the designated area. When the "reward" signal lights up on the Point Pass scanner, you've just earned your Point Pass reward points. It's that simple.

Q: Do I have to keep track of my points?

A: No, you do not have to keep track of your points in order to collect your reward or prize. Point Pass technology will do all the work.

Q: How can I find out how many points I have accumulated?

Point PassA: When you're in the store, go to the Point Pass Reward Printer and wave your pass on the scanner. The printer will print out a status report of your current total. You will also be able to review and print out your balance report online

Q: How do I redeem my points for rewards?

A: You can redeem rewards by using the Reward Coupon Printer. This is located inside the store and will be near the cashier. To redeem your reward or prize, just wave your Point Pass over the designated area on the printer an your earned reward or prize coupon will print out. The Reward Coupon Printer will print up to 5 coupons out at a time, whenever applicable. If you have accumulated more than 5 rewards or prizes, simply repeat the process explained earlier until all of your rewards and/or prize coupons have been printed.

Q: What items are not eligible for point accrual?

A: Items not eligible for point accrual at this time are lottery tickets and money orders.

Q: GREAT! How do I sign up?

A: Click here for a PDF Point Pass Application that can be viewed, downloaded, and printed.  Fill it out and drop it off at any of the ten Holiday Food Store's located throughout Southeast Virginia and Northeast North Carolina.  The forms can also be filled out at any of our Holiday Store locations as well.